Double Happiness Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of our latest lookbook photo shoot!

Hollywood, Here We Come

Finding the perfect location for a photo shoot is critical to help set the mood for the photos. For this collection, I knew I wanted somewhere rich with details to compliment the collection. 
Enter this completely charming 2-story duplex in the heart of Hollywood, complete with vintage, white-washed picture windows and gorgeous bougainvillea trees in the patio. Everyone agreed: we all wanted to live there!

I was keeping an eye on the weather during the week, hoping that the 'Mostly Cloudy' forecast would turn into 'Mostly Sunny'. But while the sun did make an appearance later in the afternoon, the forecast turned out to be true. However, our photographer Sarah was not deterred and she made it work! 

This Hollywood-regency style bed was the perfect back-drop for this look that featured red-wine lingerie with ruby and sapphire colored jewels. Bonus: Sarah brought her vintage Playboy magazines to use in the shots!


One of my favorite looks of the day. The hand sanitizer was always nearby.

Don't mind the mess, this will be strategically cropped out 😉


 Ready for my close-up

Our model Xenia knows how to take a selfie, as proved by this photo she took!

With our team of talented women, we had a blast on this shoot and can't wait to share it with you!